Energy and Resource Recovery

Circular Economy and the Nexus

Participants of the IWA World Water Congress in Tokyo about the importance of working on energy and resource recovery.

The depletion of resources and of fossil energy sources make a transition from today’s linear economy to a circular economy necessary. This has also led to growing interest in the water sector worldwide in energy and resource recovery – the recovery and reuse of water cycle residuals for their transformation into valuable products. Alongside the reduction of consumption of primary resources, resource recovery and upcycling constitutes an important building block for the circular economy.

A circular economy revolves around an efficient management of raw materials, including energy and water.

We no longer consider waste and wastewater only as waste products that need to be treated and processed, but also as a source of sustainable energy, resources and clean water.

The reuse of water is in some areas a matter of immediate necessity.

The recovery and reuse of resources from wastewater, and of residuals from drinking water production processes, is also frequently worthwhile.

The water sector is highly motivated to contribute to this challenge. The Watershare CoP on Energy & Resource Recovery invites experts to exchange know-how, with a strong focus on implementation in practice: ‘make the Circular Economy happen’.