Panel Seven: Scientific and Technological Solution @ CASSANDRA 2021 Conference

16 November 2021

14:00-16:30 CET

From 15-17 November 2021, Watershare partner Eurecat will be organising the CASSANDRA 2021 Conference tailored through a series of panels to addressing the impact of climate change on health, migration, conflict and gender and putting the world of science and technology withing the context of pressing social and political realities of this century.

Panel seven,, will demonstrate the latest technological and scientific advances which can provide solutions and progress regarding the pathway of climate change and health, migration, conflict and gender inequality, both separately and as a whole, contributing to proactive planning and policy co-creation that will be essential to mitigate the potential impacts on health resulting from climate change, leading potentially to migration, conflict and the exasperation of the secondary status of women throughout the Mediterranean region. The scientific and technological answers exist. Now Science must assume its role as an independent non-political leader in the resolution of social crises. Solutions concerning water, air quality, food production, transport, residues, energy, soil, mountains and deltas will be presented.

Programme and speakers

Presentation by Xavier Martíne (Environmental Scientist, Eurecat)

Part 1

  • Pernille Weiss (Member, European Parliament)
  • Carles Ibañez Martí (Scientific Director, Climate Resilience Centre and Head of Climate Change Research, Eurecat)
  • Prof. Chrysi Laspidou (Vice-President of Research and Technology, Water Europe)
  • Eva Hernandez (World Wildlife Fund)

Part 2

  • Gizem Arikan (Professor of Political Science, Trinity College (Dublin))
  • Jose Jorge Espí Gallart (Head of Sustainable Impact, Eurecat)
  • Dr. Lydia Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia (Coordinator,  ICT4WATER CLUSTER)
  • PhD Sandra Casas Garriga (Responsible for Water Research Line at Water, Air and Soil Unit, Eurecat)
  • Inês Breda (Emerging Water Leader & Product and Process Manager, IWA)


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