March 21, 2022 Webinar: Water Reuse to enhance water security and sustainability

Date: 21 March 2022
Time: 15:00 (IST)/10:30 (CET)

India is all set to become the most populous country in the world by 2030. Access to drinking water is becoming more costly due to environmental pollution and increased water demands, human consumption of potable water conflicts with other major water consumers, such as agricultural and industrial uses. Rapid population growth, intensive agricultural activities, the need for sustainable water sources to meet the environmental restrictions on construction of storage reservoirs for potable water and the long distances between cities and water sources are other factors promoting more reclaimed water use. The reuse of treated municipal wastewater in India has been identified as the most responsible solution to manage water scarcity issues while building a sustainable society.

IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute in association with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Watershare, supported by IVL India Environmental R&D Pvt. Ltd., are organising the webinar “Water Reuse to enhance water security and sustainability” on 21 March 2022, from 1500 (IST)/10:30 (CET). The webinar will bring together government official, policy makers, ministries, municipalities, researchers and scientists, research institutes and universities, companies, and start-ups to share their perspectives, knowledge, and solutions for effective and efficient water reuse.

The excepted key points to be addressed during the webinar are:

  • How India is managing wastewater.
  • Innovative solutions by EU researchers in sewage treatment

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Tentative agenda:

Welcome – Rupali Deshmukh, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Keynote speakers:

  • Overview of Water Reuse in India – Dr. Sunil Kumar- CSIR-NEERI
  • Overview of Water Reuse in Europe – Marie Raffin, Water Reuse Europe

Other Speakers:

  • Water reuse in the agricultural sector (low tech) – Dr. Ruud Bartholomeus/Klaasjan Raat, KWR, Netherlands
  • Water reuse in the agricultural sector (high tech, portable) – Dr. Christos Makropoulos, NTUA, Greece

Q&A with speakers (facilitated by Gerard van den Berg, KWR)

Closing remarks – Rupali Deshmukh