29 Nov, 2021: Workshop: Using the Human rights-based approach to provide water for the people that are being left behind

Date: 29 November 2021
Time: 09:00-10:30 (CET)

Water service delivery has been extremely challenging in developing countries. Even in countries that have adopted and formalised the human right to water in policy and practice, communities often experience water shortages, water disruptions and lack access to quality water. Water service delivery is often taken up by municipalities of local governments who becomes responsible for providing the infrastructure and quality of water. However, in certain places in the world civil societies and non-government organisations seem to be taking up the challenge of ensuring quality service delivery of water to communities. The diverse range of experience around the world leads to the question of whether there is more that could be done to use human rights-based approaches to reach those who continue to struggle to access water.

The aim of the session is share experiences and highlight practical ideas that incorporate a human rights-based approach to improve water service delivery for marginalised and vulnerable people.

The workshop programme can be downloaded here.

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