Planning distributed interventions in the urban water cycle

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UWOT is a model that simulates the generation and routing of urban water demands to facilitate the planning and assessment of distributed interventions in the urban water cycle. The planning and assessment is based on various metrics estimated by UWOT, such as potable water demand, runoff volume and required energy.


  • Assessment of alternative interventions to reduce potable water demand.
  • Estimates of energy required by water appliances.
  • Evaluation of beneficial uses of runoff and wastewater volumes.
  • Evaluation of benefits of green areas (garden, green roof) on urban heat island effect.

(07-12-2015) Release Note:

A new UWOT release is now available improving the models compatibility and stability with newer Windows versions

(01-07-2015) Release Note:

This UWOT release includes a new algorithm for the estimation of incoming solar radiation (termed "insolation") useful to calculate the impact of water management practices on green spaces (blue-green infrastructure). Additional functionality to check water quality within a water resource against a given quality standard, before routing demand to it was also added to make the model more sensitive to water quality scenarios and challenges.

Tool Expert(s)

Urban Water Optioneering Tool

Christos Makropoulos
Assistant Professor, NTUA

Tel. +30 210 772 2886

Urban Water Optioneering Tool simulates the generation and routing of urban water demands to facilitate the planning and assessment of distributed interventions in the urban water cycle.

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